Frank Sparkes

We believe "Where Education Sparkes a Bright Future". We will emphasize diligence in students doing their best to be successful in the academics by fostering self-discipline, studying, and building a culture of valuing education.

Welcome to school year 2018-2019!

Frank Sparkes School is a 2014 National Blue Ribbon School! We are proud of our national recognition in closing the achievement gap and pushing the academics for all students.

The staff and I are excited about creating an optimal learning environment for all of our students. We believe that education is
an economic equalizer and working hard to ensure all of our students a bright future. With this belief, we work hard to provide a high quality education with academic rigor for every child every day. We are building a culture of valuing education and enthusiasm for learning. Thus, our goal is to produce proficient students who will be career and college ready in order to compete in this competitive global society.

We intend to continue our academic rigor and high expectation by recognizing and awarding students, teaching critical thinking skills, promoting a reading goal of 50,000 books, exposing students to cultural education by going on educational field trips, and providing chromebooks and other technology tools to ensure our students are up to date with the learning pendulum and beyond.

We will continue to participate in our awards program, academic competitions, Accelerated Reader, the Merced County Spelling Bee, Junior Olympics, and the Merced County Writing Festival.

Parents, thank you so much for your incredible support of our school and programs. If you would like to volunteer, please inquire in the office. As always, I know I can count on you as parents to work with us to ensure that our students have continuous academic success.

You are always welcome to come by and talk to me about ways to accelerate learning for all students!

Again, thank you for your support, and I am glad to be back at Sparkes.

Ka Vang

Sparkes Elementary School is housed on a 14.5-acre campus that includes classrooms, offices, a cafeteria, and a large recreation and play area, with an additional fenced play area for the kindergarten and preschool students. The school facility completed modernization seven years ago, and hosts an expanded media center, a 75-station teaching computer lab, and more office/reception space.

In addition to the media center and computer lab, other instructional space includes 13 permanent classrooms and 12 permanent portables. Regular maintenance of the facility is a commitment of the District and includes a multiyear Deferred Maintenance Plan to ensure regular painting and upkeep in accordance with standards for optimal safety and comfort.

Custodians clean each of the rooms every day. The District provides maintenance technicians and groundskeepers to manage and tend to routine and unexpected repairs.