Sybil Crookham

Sybil N. Crookham School will provide a positive and safe learning environment where all students will be given equal opportunity to achieve maximum academic, social, and physical growth according to state and district guidelines.

“It is our goal that all of our students complete high school and be prepared for college, and be productive members of the community.”
Welcome to Sybil Crookham Elementary and the 2018-2019 school year. We are “Home of the Cougars”! Our mantra continues to be “Education is an Economic Equalizer”. At Crookham our teachers will equip our students with the necessary 21st Century skills in order to compete in a global economy. Students need to become proficient Communicators, Creators, Critical thinkers, and Collaborators. Our literacy and math programs effectively provide our students with the necessary rigor to access the Common Core standards and acquire 21st Century skills.

Student motivation is an integral part here at our school. No hard work goes unnoticed. Through our Students “R” Us awards assembly, we will recognize students based on academic achievement, citizenship, and personal strengths. Here at Crookham, we also want to help our students understand the values of effort, persistence and trying new learning methods to cultivate their talents and abilities.

I want to invite all of the Winton School District stakeholders to be part of our Crookham team! This includes our teachers, staff members, students, parents, families, community members, local business leaders, and our school board members. The best is yet to come!

Joe Torres
Why Is Education Important?
Why is education important? Parents know education is important for a child's success in life. Exactly, why is education important? What are the details that make it important?
1. Reportedly, college graduates make 100% higher pay than high school graduates.
2. Brain power every day is becoming far more important than brawn power, even in blue collar jobs. For example, auto mechanics need to read and interpret manuals and computer printouts. To do this they need more schooling than mechanics of the past.
3. Increased schooling develops verbal skills, which are important in general, and, especially, in managerial positions.
4. Attending college or university helps one perform the day to day tasks of life more effectively, like locating the right doctor, searching for a good investment, finding a new job, or working out family challenges.
5. Education is important because it helps one develop new interests in life that may be entertaining or allow one to enter a new occupation.
6. Education is important because it leads to more job opportunities and a wider choice of jobs. Therefore, it is correlated with job satisfaction.
Crookham Elementary School is 50 years old and in good condition. Our campus facilities, such as bathrooms, cafeteria, library, and the computer lab, are all used continuously. We have 18 permanent classrooms and 12 portables. We have recently turned one classroom into a new computer lab. Part of our ongoing maintenance is replacement of carpet, whiteboards, and vertical blinds in our classrooms. We are proud of the students and staff at Crookham Elementary School and believe that they deserve clean, safe, and attractive surroundings. A safety inspection is done monthly by the principal and maintenance supervisor. The cleanliness of the grounds and restrooms is outstanding and we have a person who checks and performs any needed cleanup during the time students are in school. The maintenance staff performs daily preventative maintenance. There are three custodians on site during the afternoons and evenings. The library has in excess of 20 books per student. The computer lab has 48 student stations, with Waterford Reading, and SuccessMaker Math and Reading available for every student to work at his or her success level and at his or her own rate.