Winfield Elementary

School History:
Winfield Elementary was built in 2007. It has 31 classrooms, a library, a computer lab, an administration building, a cafeteria, and a county Special Education building that has three classrooms and office space. The outside grounds within the campus include approximately eight acres of grass playground and three acres of asphalt playground. The campus is beautiful thanks to our maintenance and operations staff.
Welcome to the 2018-2019 school year. Our mascot is the Wildcat and we have named him “Willy the Wildcat”. We are a team and we welcome your family. At Winfield school we have high expectations for our students both academically and for behavior. We will be introducing a new award this year named the “ROAR AWARD” to students who exhibit respect, ownership, attitude, and responsibility. Good attendance is also highly valued. Studies show that a student who misses just one day of school, can fall behind as much as one week in their academics.

Parent Involvement is encouraged. We will have Back to School Night, performances, and Open House throughout the year. These are fun events and we look forward to making memories with you. We also have a School Site Council that meets throughout the year. This is an opportunity for parents to come to the school and find out about what is going on here at Winfield. We value your input and would love to have you join us. You are encouraged to contact the school to set up meetings with staff members when needed. Please note that grades come out once per quarter for a total of four report cards during the year. We look forward to doing our best to help your child succeed.

Winfield Wildcats will not only be motivated to succeed in the classroom. We will also participate in Merced County events such as the Spelling Bee and the Speech Festival. The Wildcat track team will need your support again this year so be sure to cheer them on.
Go Wildcats!

Kristi Boesch

Mission and Vision:
At Winfield Elementary, it is our vision to provide students with the best education. We will provide the school community with the tools to become lifelong learners. Our students are expected to be respectful, responsible, and ready to learn.

This mission focuses on the following principles:

Effective skills and strategies
Self-discipline and respect for others
High expectations for our futures
Acquisition of English language
Parent and community involvement
A positive learning and working environment