Winton Middle School

Winton Eagle Band

Our band has won numerous awards over the years. To insure the band members get the most out of their practice time, the band is divided into three classes (percussion, brass, and woodwinds). Each class meets for one academic period every day during regular school hours. All three classes meet together as a unit about two weeks prior to performances.

The Winton Eagle Band participates in parades and band reviews during the fall and spring. Our musicians also present Christmas and Spring concerts to the student body as well as evening performances for the entire community.

WMS also has a chorus which is formed by way of a simple audition. The chorus collaborates with the band during the Christmas and Spring concerts, and practices two class periods each week.

Beginning band and chorus instruction involve class pull-outs, so the students participating in these programs are expected to make up any missed academic assignments.

An integral part of the WMS Eagle Band is our letters and colorguard. These students also meet daily to prepare for band performances.